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Do I Need a Dedicated Server?
Do you have a high-traffic web site?
Run database-intense applications?
Sell products primarily online?
Want direct root access?
Want to make custom installations or configuration changes?

If you answered YES
to any of these questions, we recommend you consider a dedicated Masscot Biz Server solution.

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Masscot Reseller for FREE!!

Masscot Internet is one of the oldest web hosting providers on the web. Founded in 1988, even before there ever was a WORLD WIDE WEB, Masscot was providing on-line services. We have customers who are still with us from our very first year. There is a good reason for this kind of loyalty; Great Service, Reliability and Value. Happy customers renew year after year and your business will grow with your roster of customers.

Becoming a Masscot Reseller is easy, inexpensive, and risk free. First, we give you a 30 Day full money back guarantee! Our web site packages are some of the most full featured and powerful web sites and the web. As a reseller, you will have virtually every feature and option we offer built in or available for your use so that you can incorporate them into your own site and become familiar how they all work. To see a list of our dozens of powerful interactive features please go to

Our hosting system is highly sophisticated and fully automated making managing your web site, and your customer’s web sites, a snap. Literally, everything can be done by filling in a form and the click of a mouse. You web hosting business is on-line so you can work from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Our worry free tech support has made us famous and we are there to help you make your business a success. We use Dell servers with daily incremental backups and weekly full backups. Our servers are housed in a multi-million dollar Network Operations Center and we have multiple OC12 connections to 3 major backbones. System engineers are on duty around the clock every day of the year. We work hard so you can rest easy.

As a reseller, you will be able to set up your customer’s sites instantly. We automatically bill you 50% of our retail prices. You charge your customer the full price and you keep the rest. We can be hidden from your customers or you can treat us as a partner. We will even provide direct support to your customers if you like. You can resell domain names, ecommerce systems, and even our nationwide dialup services. If you are a webmaster, make even more money and have greater control over your customer’s sites as a Masscot Reseller. If you are not a web master, you can resell our web design services or make arrangements with anyone you wish to design your sites.

To show you how certain we are of your success, we will make it even easier for you to become a reseller. When you have 5 resold websites on your account, we will credit your account 50% of your reseller site hosting cost back to you. When you have ten resold accounts or more your reseller account will credit you account the rest of your reseller site cost and from then on your own hosting will be free as long as you maintain 10 resold accounts for as long as you are a Masscot Reseller.

Are you already hosting with someone else. Move 10 or more of your hosting accounts to us and your reseller account is FREE! Why wait? Sign up today as a Masscot Web Hosting reseller. You will be glad you did. Click here to start!!!

Please call us toll free at 1.877.MASSCOT (1.877.627.7268) or email for more information or ORDER YOUR RESELLER WEB SITE NOW. Outside the USA, Call 508.778.4500

Our customers tell why you should be a Masscot reseller
Adam Starr

Masscot is a great value! Their service is the best I have ever dealt with. When I set up web sites for MY customers, I insist upon Masscot for hosting because I have experienced the headaches that can arise when dealing with other hosting companies. Masscot is never anything but a pleasure with which to business.

Adam Starr,
Zone5 Pictures

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