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Need a fast, reliable Internet connection?

Don't want to pay extra?

check out our dial-up solutions!

Do I Need a Dedicated Server?
Do you have a high-traffic web site?
Run database-intense applications?
Sell products primarily on-line?
Want direct root access?
Want to make custom installations or configuration changes?

If you answered YES
to any of these questions, we recommend you consider a dedicated Masscot Biz Server solution.


Intel Celeron
2.0GHZ Processor

(1)-20GB IDE
Hard Drive

256 MB RAM

50GB Transfer,
$3/GB overage

Up to 10
Control Panels

Red Hat Linux 7.3

+Value Add-ons

$99 setup fee


Intel Xeon

SCSI Hard Drives


50GB Transfer,
$3/GB overage

Up to 10
Control Panels

Red Hat Linux 7.3

+Value Add-ons

$99 setup fee


Dual Intel Xeon

SCSI Hard Drives


100GB Transfer,
$3/GB overage

Up to 10
Control Panels

Red Hat Linux 7.3

+Value Add-ons

$299 setup fee

Product Add-ons

Dedicated Servers Managed Backup - Weekly full, daily incremental (changes since last full) backup of all data in /home and /usr/local/mysql/data on server. Includes one full dedicated servers restoration per month per server. Add $129/mo.

Dedicated Servers Managed Backup Plus
- Managed Backup service plus weekly full backup taken offsite once per week. Add $159/mo.

AlaGuard for Dedicated Servers
- Unparalleled Managed Service, including complete monitoring and correction of essential services such as ports and resources using Alabanza Corporation's proprietary monitoring software, and when necessary, with full support of Professional Systems Administrators and support personnel. Also includes ongoing upgrades of included software such as PHP, Perl, MySQL, Apache, SendMail, etc. Add $129/mo.

Additional Hard Drives for Dedicated Servers- Additional 18GB SCSI Hard Drives available for mid and high configuration dedicated servers solutions.

Technology Add-ons for Dedicated Servers

Sun Java System Active Server Pages 4.0 Support
Host .asp (Active Server Pages) sites. Accounts can be automatically enabled for ASP through the DSM/CP. Add $129/mo.

Tomcat Java Server Pages Support
Host .jsp (Java Server Pages) sites. Accounts can be automatically enabled for JSP through the DSM/CP. Add $129/mo. FREE with BizServer 54/100

Macromedia Cold Fusion Support
Host .cfm (Cold Fusion) sites. Add $129/mo.

*Dedicated Servers bundled with the RSM must also include AlaGuard and Managed BackUp.
**Only one of the ASP, JSP, or Cold Fusion options can be added per server.

As your business grows, so do your hosting needs. If you have heavy web site traffic, intense database applications, or if you just want the peace of mind of knowing that you have your sensitive database information on a dedicated server, you should consider "going dedicated". Here are a few advantages of upgrading to a robust Masscot Dedicated Biz Server:

Managed Security for Dedicated Servers
High Performance Dedicated Servers
Full Data backups for Dedicated Servers
Dedicated Resources
Up to 10 Control Panels
Dedicated Server Full Root Access
Personal Service
Same High Speed Network

Customer Web Hosting Quotes Dedicated Servers
Miles Grenier

I have used Masscot since 1998. They redesigned my web page from what everyone was telling me was a good looking site, to a site that stands out above the rest. Masscot's customer service is by far one of the best I have dealt with. I recommend them to my family and friends for hosting, web design and Internet Access.

Miles Grenier,
Grenier Studio, Cape Cod, MA

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Dedicated Servers Tech Support
10 reasons to choose MASSCOT

Experience & Reliability
New Technology - Great Old Fashioned Service
Ease of Use
Selling Power
Superior Email System
Super Charge your Web Site


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